Genelec 8050b & Genelec 7370 SAM Sub (calibrated by Genelec)
RME ARC Controller


DA/AD – 2 x Antelope Orion 64 I/O (MADI)
RME Madiface
Mac Pro
DAWS: Logic Pro X/Pro Tools 12/Ableton 9/Total Mix
I-Connectivity MIO10 Midi interface

Chiswick Reach All Valve Compressor (25th Anniversary Edition)
2 x Urei 1176 Rev D Blackface compressors
POM Boiler Mk2 Ultra-Limiter
Manley Massive Passive EQ
Warm WA2A compressor/limiter
Zahl EQ-1 (Mark Ernustus/Zahl designed mastering EQ)
Neve 1073 LB Mic Pre
API 512c Mic Pre
Eventide Harmoniser H3000 D/SE
Thermionic Culture Vulture
OTO Bam Space Generator Reverb
Alesis Quadraverb
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Soundcraft Ghost 32 LE console
Aston Origin Cardoid Condenser Microphone
Aston Spirt Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone
Aston Halo

Waldorf Wave
Arp 2600 TTSH
Roland System 100 – 101
Arp 1601 Sequencer
Roland TB 303 Devilfish
Roland SH-101
Roland Juno 60
Korg Minologue
Alesis Andromeda A6
Korg Polysix (Mody-Six’d)
Roland Juno 106
Roland TR-909
Roland TR-707
Fender Rhodes 73
Akai s950 max memory (USB Emulator)
Akai s1000

The studio is custom wired using Sommer & Neutrik equipment with hybrid configured TT patchbays.

If you are looking for additional specific equipment, we are able to source many vintage instruments which can be included within your package.