Updated August 2019

Genelec 8050B
HEDD Type 30
Genelec 7370 SAM Sub
RME ARC Controller

System & Conversion:

DA/AD – 2 x Antelope Orion 64 I/O (MADI)
RME Madiface
Mac Pro (Dustbin)
Sat Broadband (30 mbps DL/5 mbps UL)
DAWS: Logic Pro X/Pro Tools 12/Ableton 10 Suite/FL Studio
Industry leading plugins & soft synths
MIO10 & ERM Multiclock Midi interfaces
Novation 49SL Remote mk3

Chiswick Reach Valve Compressor (25th Edition)
2 x Urei 1176 Rev D compressors
POM Boiler Mk2 Ultra-Limiter
SSL Fusion Analogue Stereo Processor
Manley Massive Passive EQ
2 x AML ezP-1A mono channel valve EQ
LOOPTROTTER Satur-8 channel
Warm WA2A compressor/limiter
Zahl EQ-1 Stereo EQ
Neve 1073 LB Mic Pre
DBX 560A Compressor/Limiter
API 512c Mic Pre
Eventide Harmoniser H3000 D/SE
Thermionic Culture Vulture
Tegeler Magnetismus 2
OTO Bam Space Generator Reverb
Alesis Quadraverb
BOSS BX-80 Mixer
Yamaha E1010 Analog Delay
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Soundcraft Ghost 32 LE
Shure SM137 Condenser Mic
Aston Origin Cardoid Mic
Aston Spirt Multi Pattern Mic
Aston Halo

Waldorf Wave
Deckards Dream CS80
Oberheim Matrix 1000 creamface
Matrix 100 Alpes Machines Controller
Oberheim Xpander
Arp 2600 TTSH
Arp 1601 Sequencer
Roland System 101
Roland Jupiter-6
Roland TB-303 Devilfish
Roland SH-101
Pioneer Toraiz AS-1
Pioneer Dj SP-16 Sampler
Pioneer Toraiz Squid
Alesis Andromeda
Novation Peak 8 voice
Korg Polysix(Mody)
Roland Juno 106
Roland TR-909
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-707
AVP ADS7 Analogue drum synth
Syncussion SY-1M
Ult-Sound DS4 Prozumer
Fender Rhodes 73
Akai s950/s1000

Dj Set up:
2 x Pioneer DJ CDJ2000 Nexus NXS2
Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2
Technics SL1200


The studio is custom wired using Sommer & Neutrik equipment with hybrid configured TT patchbays.

If you are looking for additional specific equipment, we are able to source many vintage instruments which can be included within your package.